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The Action Recorder was introduced in AutoCAD 2009, under the guise of fulfilling the long standing wish (and former #1 on the Augi wish list) of having a VBA Macro Recorder, similar to the ones available in MS Word, Excel, etc.

Initially, there was some excitement when this was released, but that quickly turned to bewilderment when people started to figure out that the code which this tool created was a new proprietary, binary, un-editable, and undocumented format, also for which there was no API. On top of that, a recorded action itself was virtually uneditable.

I believe there were some enhancements to the Action Recorder in the 2010 release, but did this fix the issues users were complaining about? I really don't know. Were there any further enhancements in the 2011 release? I don't recall seeing any.

Which brings me to my questions.

  • Are you using the Action Recorder?
  • Have you tried and gave up? If so, why?
  • Have you just not tried because of feedback from others?
  • How much better is the 2011 version than the 2009 version?
  • Can this be a useful tool?

Yes, I'm way late on this, but in case you have been in a cave for the last week or so, Autodesk released their latest Advantage Packs for AutoCAD 2010, and several verticals last week. These Advantage Packs are available for subscription members only.

I'm going to cover the tools included in the Advantage Pack for AutoCAD 2010 below. The "Subscription" tab for the ribbon for this Advantage Pack is shown above. Keep reading for more.... Read more about Autodesk Advantage Packs for 2010

Thanks to Tony Tanzillo for posting the information needed to disable the Infocenter. This was repeated by others such as Jimmy at JTBWorld, and Owen at Outside the Box. I even linked to it here also.

Anyway, we are rolling out some 2010 products and I thought it would be a good idea to perform this step as early as possible and per user (not per machine - since this is a per user setting now)... So why not put it in a windows startup script...? So I turned it loose on a set of test machines... Read more about Disabling Infocenter - AutoCAD 2010

Starting with AutoCAD 2010, the old Portable License Utility (PLU) has been replaced by the License Transfer Utility (LTU). The old PLU essentially created a "license file" that you could move from one computer to another using a network, flash drive or any other method. If you bought a new computer for example, you could install AutoCAD on the new computer, and use the PLU to transfer the activation from the old machine to the new one.

The only problem with this is that the PLU failure rate was about 50%, and because you had to define the target machine when you exported, you could not re-import back onto the same machine.

So along comes the LTU. So what is the difference? The LTU copies your activation up to the Autodesk servers where it can sit until you are ready to import it. So far in my testing, it has not failed once. Of course you will need an internet connection on both machines, and you will need an Autodesk UserID and password. If you don't have one, you can create one. Read more about Using the AutoCAD License Transfer Utility

Update 1 for AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD LT 2010 has been released. You can download it here. The readme file can be found here.

Notes: This update is for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT only. It does not apply to and will not install on vertical products like Civil 3D, Map, etc. There are separate 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Read more about AutoCAD 2010 Update 1

Today, I attended the first half of the Autodesk "Move Forward with 2010" event here in Houston. This event was put on by Total CAD Systems at the Reliant Center (next door to Reliant Stadium), and featured Autodesk Technical Evangelist, Lynn Allen, whose unique method of speaking is both informative and entertaining. Read more about AutoCAD 2010 event in Houston

If you are running Norton 360 3.0 and AutoCAD 2010, chances are your OPEN and SAVE dialogs do not work, among other problems.
Here is an Autodesk KB article on the issue:
Here is a direct link to the fix from Symantec.

  Read more about AutoCAD 2010 and Norton 360 issue

The AutoCAD 2010 system requirements say that IE7 or later is required. However, I created a 32-bit deployment for AutoCAD 2010, and unchecked the IE requirement box, then installed on a machine with IE6, and AutoCAD 2010 runs just fine.
I know, IE6 is pretty old, but some people still run other software that won't run on anything newer than IE6.
I have not tried running an install right off of the media, but I suspect it may stop on the IE7 requirement. Read more about AutoCAD 2010 works fine with IE6

You can access the AutoCAD 2010 new features workshop here.
If you already have 2010 installed and you want to turn off the Infocenter for good, follow this link for instructions.
  Read more about AutoCAD 2010 New Features Workshop and disabling InfoCenter



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