AU started off early this morning for us with the Augi Volunteer Breakfast. Augi President David Harrington recognized all attendees, and distributed special awards to board members. Volunteering opportunities are available if you are so inclined. Visit the Volunteer page at Augi for contact information.

The Keynote address is scheduled to begin in 1 hour. If you are not at AU2013, you can watch online.

More to follow. Read more about AU 2013 Day 1

As posted earlier, the Augi forums are back up and running on the old familiar vBulletin format but unfortunately it seems impossible to stay logged in. This seems to be a side effect of the integration with the "new" Augi main website. If you visit the forums it may say that you are not logged in. Then if you click on the "Login" link, it takes you to the main Augi home page, where it says you are logged in. Then you go back to the forum page and it says you are NOT logged in, and so on. Augi says they are working to fix this.

On another note, the CadTutor website, including the forums, have recently been hit by hackers which has caused some havoc over there including Google marking as an "attack page". As a result, David has taken the site offline temporarily for a review. See the notice below.

Cadtutor site closed temporarily Read more about More CAD forums news

Well it took a while, but the Augi forums are back up and running using the tried and true vBulletin format. Your username may be different if you ever logged into the "new" site, but you can request that it be changed.

If you still have bookmarks for places like the Control Panel or new posts, they should still work also.

For more info, see this post from David Harrington.

Read more about Augi Forums are back


I'm not going to say much on the current status of the Augi forums, other than to say I think they may be working on getting the historical data restored, although I don't think they are going back to the vBulletin format.

In the meantime if you are having forum withdrawals, you can always head over to one of the following:

Leave a comment if you want to add to this list.
Thanks. Read more about Alternatives to the Augi Forums


The Augi annual meeting was held Wednesday night, starting with an introduction by who else but Augi sweetheart, Lynn Allen. Outgoing president Mark Kiker took over going over some of the highlights from 2010, including recognition of Ray Eisenberg, an Autodesk employee who has provided Augi with much support throughout the year. Tom Salomone from Hewlett Packard was also recognized. Mark mentioned Augi's move into the social media such as Facebook and Twitter, the 12 Cad Camps held around the U.S., the expansion of the wish lists, the addition of Drop.Io, (which coincidentally is going away due to its purchase by Facebook), and finally the Augi web stats which are up 22% in 2010, with over 9.6 million hits. Read more about AU 2010 - Day 3.5

The May 2010 voting results on the AutoCAD wish list are in. The top 10 are listed at the link above, or click on the image. Numbers 11-75 can be found on the same page by clicking the button at the bottom. Read more about AutoCAD Wish List Voting for May 2010

AutoCAD Wishlist Voting

The voting for the Augi AutoCAD wish list is open now through May 15. Although there are flaws with this system, it is still one of the best way for users to communicate to Autodesk what you want to see in future versions of AutoCAD -- and it DOES NOT WORK AT ALL if you do not vote.

If you are reading this, I'm sure you are an Augi member, so click over there and take a few minutes to browse the list. You don't even have to make 10 choices if you don't want. Vote for your top 3 if that is all you have time for.

The Revit Architecture wish list ballot is also open. Read more about AutoCAD Wish list Voting

On the heels of the poll posted earlier this week, the dates and locations for the 2010 Augi Cad Camps have been announced. So far, 29 locations are on the schedule.

Missing from the list are a couple of the largest markets in the United States, Miami and Houston. Also, there is a large populated area with no coverage along the Gulf Coast in an area roughly bounded by South Texas, Shreveport, Little Rock, Memphis, Birmingham, and Tallahassee. (Honolulu not shown on the map below, it is included on the full map)

View 2010 Augi Cad Camp Locations in a larger map

If you have not already, add your response to the poll in the upper left corner. Thanks. Read more about 2010 AUGI CAD Camp dates and locations announced

Time once again to vote in the AUGI Board of Directors election of 2009.

Please make note of the following items.

  • There are 8 positions to be filled
  • There are 9 candidates on the ballot
  • You may vote YES for (0) candidates, up to 8 candidates
  • This election is being conducted using a "Ranked ballot" (as defined in the By-Laws), so the 8 candidates who receive the most votes will be put into office.
  • Voting "NO" for a candidate has no effect whatsoever.
  • Voting closes at 12:01am (CST), December 16th 2009.

Click here to vote now (Voting is over now...) Read more about AUGI Board of Director Voting has started


Congratulations to the two winners of the recent augi BoD election, Dario Passariello, and Mark Kiker. Dario is a new board member and Mark is returning.

The results of this election are in the table below. The only numbers that matter are the total "Yes" votes. The two candidates with the highest totals were elected. Read more about Augi election results



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