AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD LT 2014 for Mac

AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD LT 2014 for Mac are now available. This later release date, as compared to AutoCAD for Windows which is typically released in the spring, is to allow for better alignment with Apple's schedule. Some of the highlighted features in AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD LT 2014 for Mac include: Read more about AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD LT 2014 for Mac

Autodesk announced today the availability of 3 new products, all for the Mac. AutoCAD 2012 for Mac, AutoCAD 2012 LT for Mac, and AutoCAD WS for Mac.

AutoCAD for Mac was introduced last year for the 2011 version, but there quite a list of missing functionality as compared to AutoCAD for Windows. Although a similar comparison list for 2012 does not exist yet, Autodesk has filled in some of the holes by adding features like Publish, In-place Xref Editing, Layer Filters, Plot Styles, Dynamic Array, etc. Read more about AutoCAD 2012 Products for the Mac

A couple of weeks after its announcement, AutoCAD for Mac is now shipping, and a free trial version is available. Half of the people who took this poll indicated they were interested in AutoCAD for Mac, so here is your chance.

Free Trial

To download a free trial, go to, and click on Free Trial on the right side of the page. Other links include:

Free Student Version

Students can download a free version of AutoCAD for Mac from the Autodesk Education Community. For a direct link, head over to Read more about AutoCAD for Mac available now, including Free Trial

Graebert announces that ARES Commander Edition for Linux is now shipping. If you are not familier with ARES Commander Edition, see my earlier post including a review of this application (Windows version) that I performed for Cadalyst this spring.

You may remember that ARES for Mac OS X was made available several weeks ago, just before Autodesk announced AutoCAD for Mac.

A 30 day trial of ARES is available, and special introductory pricing (€ 495) is in effect until the end of December. System requirements for Linux, Mac, and Windows are available here. Read more about ARES 2D/3D CAD application now available for Linux

Let's revisit the How do you feel about AutoCAD for Mac poll once more. Steve Johnson (at the top of my list of most respected CAD bloggers BTW...) commented that he did not vote since there was "no option that accurately reflects my own feelings...because the options are all either positive or neutral". I initially replied to the comment, but now feel a better reply is needed. Read more about AutoCAD for Mac won't go away


I posted a poll a few days ago asking how you feel about AutoCAD for Mac. (If you have not voted, please do). It's pretty even so far, with 1/3 Excited, 1/3 Curious, and 1/3 that could not care less.

I wish I had access to a Mac on which to give it a run. Maybe at AU this year, I can get my hands on it..? If you are able to attend Autodesk University 2010, there are several classes available geared towards AutoCAD for Mac. Shaan Hurley has them listed in this post on his blog. Read more about AutoCAD for Mac Poll

Today is not April 1 is it?

OK, I really had no idea in my earlier post and was simply poking fun at Wikipedia, but lo and behold - there will be a Mac version of AutoCAD soon. [System Requirements] | [4 page brochure]

I have to admit, after several years of debate on the Autodesk newsgroups [* see bottom of post] and in other places, I did not see this coming.

I hope the Mac effort did not take anything away from the effort being spent on the next version of AutoCAD for Windows (due in March 2011?). Is the code base being shared or developed side by side? I've only seen the highlights of this announcement, so this may have already been answered. Read more about AutoCAD for Mac - It's True


According to a well trusted source, there will be a Mac version of AutoCAD 2012.

Ok, I guess Wikipedia is not a well trusted source, but someone named Rzęsor added this bit of info to the AutoCAD wikipedia page on July 26 2010 - so either this is wishful thinking, or Rzęsor is telling the world something he/she shouldn't be.... or I suppose it could be a good guess that comes true... (Here is a screen capture if you prefer)

So what do you think? Do you want a Mac version? Do you care?

Disclaimer: No, I do not have any 'inside info' on AutoCAD 2012, this post is purely about the Wikipedia article. Read more about Mac Version coming to AutoCAD 2012


Graebert has announced the availability of ARES Commander Edition for Mac OS X. This is a Mac app, no emulator required. ARES is now the first single CAD application to run on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

ARES Commander Edition for Mac lists for €995, but is available at 50% off (€495) through the end of September 2010. A 30 day trial version is available also. I recently reviewed the Windows version of ARES Commander Edition for Cadalyst. If you are a Mac user, are you going to give the trial version a tryout? Read more about ARES 2D/3D CAD application now available for Mac OS X

How well do you know Macs and PCs? Take the quiz linked below to find out.

By the way, nobody reading this page should miss question #2.

Mac or PC?



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