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AutoCAD 2014 Read more about Links to our [What's new in AutoCAD] articles.

I have seen this question a few times in person and on various forums. For at least one version prior to AutoCAD 2011, AutoCAD arcs included directional arrow grips on the ends that performed as Lengthen grips.

AutoCAD 2011 introduced multifunctional grips that allow for (you guessed it) multiple functions, and the arrows disappeared.

If you want to restore the arrow grips, you can set GRIPMULTIFUNCTIONAL to 0

Read more about Missing those arrow grips on AutoCAD arcs?

If you work with scanned images in AutoCAD, have you ever wanted to perform OCR from right inside of AutoCAD? Raster Design includes this ability, and Raster Design is now included in many of the suites. Read more about OCR in AutoCAD

Here, we are going to add a custom paper size in AutoCAD. If you print to a Windows system printer, you can add the paper size to the system printer. In this tutorial, we are adding a custom paper size to a PC3 file, and in this particular case the built in printer DWF6 ePlot.pc3.

This is a new empty drawing and the default size for our layout is 8-1/2"x11" (dimensions were added manually to illustrate the paper size).

Read more about Adding a custom paper size in AutoCAD

It is not uncommon to see this problem around the AutoCAD world. You press Ctrl+S or click the save icon and you get a message that says something like this:

"Unable to save to drawing K:\mypath\mydrawing.dwg
Drawing saved to SAV98C2.tmp"

In order to understand why this error happens, you need to understand how AutoCAD saves a drawing.

When you save a named drawing in AutoCAD, it actually does this (*steps 2 and 3 only occur if you have .BAK file creation enabled) Read more about Unable to save to drawing....

When making entity selections in AutoCAD, sometimes the results can be unexpected. You may select a hatch object and move it its associative boundary stays put, or you may erase a line and other geometry disappears with it. Situations like this can be controlled by a system varible named PICKSTYLE.

PICKSTYLE controls two things, how associative hatches and their boundaries behave and how grouped objects behave. Let's take a look. Read more about Controlling AutoCAD selections with PICKSTYLE

I have been recently running across AutoCAD DWG files that contain hundreds of non-purgable linetypes, some with strange names, some that appear to be nested in mysterious blocks, etc. With help from the Autodesk Forums and some independent research, I became pretty sure these were created by importing Microstation DGN files.

Read more about Purging unwanted linetype bloat

Does your AutoCAD recent file list work for you, or does it fill up with seemingly random .DST (sheet set) files instead of the last .DWG files that you worked on? The latter is documented all over the Autodesk forums, here is one such thread, dated back to 2008 (yes, it has been an issue for that long). In another thread, Jeff Mishler from Quux Software has provided a standalone application (at no cost) to help you manage your recent documents list.

The AutoCAD Recent Documents List Manager allows you to select and remove items from this list easily. Below is a screen shot of this app. Read more about Managing the AutoCAD Recent Documents List

AutoCAD WS is now AutoCAD 360. The online/cloud version of AutoCAD has seen over 12 million downloads and 11+ million registered users since it was introduced. Starting today AutoCAD 360 will feature some new tools and some new purchase options. The modile app version is available for iOS and Android smartphones/tablets at no cost, but there are new "Pro" versions available. AutoCAD 360 Pro gives you 25GB of online storage, a maximum supported file size of 30MB, the ability to create a new drawing, plus more advanced drawing and editing tools. AutoCAD 360 Pro will cost you $4.99 per month, or $49.99 per year. If you need even more online storage (100GB) and the ability to work with larger drawings (40MB), AutoCAD 360 Pro Plus is available for $99.99 a year.

With AutoCAD WS currently installed, all you need to do is update the app and you will be ready to go with AutoCAD 360. I've included some screen shots of the free version below.

Check out AutoCAD 360 at and at the AutoCAD 360 Blog. Read more about AutoCAD WS is now AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 2014 includes some new command line enhancements briefly covered in our launch time review titled AutoCAD 2014 in two minutes. Let's dive in and explore some of these new tools closer.

Read more about AutoCAD 2014 - Command line enhancements



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