Text hard to read in the Civil 3D text component editor?

A common problem I see in Civil 3D on is hard to read text in the Text Component Editor, as shown here.

This can be caused by a feature in Windows called ClearText. Here is how to change that setting in Windows 7.

Note that in some cases, turning OFF ClearText will result in problems with text in other applications, so please test it both ways to determine the best setting for you.

  • Go to the Control Panel, open the Display applet.

  • On the left side, pick Adjust ClearType text.

  • On the next screen follow these instructions.

  • When you finish, go back to Civil 3D and the text in the Text Component Editor should look better, like this....

After you have tried both settings, which way did you end up using?


Good post! If for some reason you need that setting on, then use a true type font for your label styles. Typical choices for annotation are Arial, Calibri, and Tahoma; all of which have an italic font style as well. The bonus is that the text is always readable in those editors as well as on plans (regardless of pen table).

Good point Kevin, TT fonts look fine in the Text Component Editor with the ClearText setting enabled.  Unfortunatly, our entire set of C3D templates are built on standards that include simplex.shx, but if you can switch to TT fonts, then I would recommend it. Thanks Kevin.



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