Open a Sheet Set when launching AutoCAD

If you work on a particular project frequently, you can save a step by creating a desktop (or start menu) shortcut for launching AutoCAD, and have it automatically open the desired Sheet Set.

Here is how to do it.

  • Copy the shortcut that you normally use
  • Open the properties of this new shortcut.
  • On the Shortcut tab, find where you can edit the "Target"
  • Add the following to the end of the target: /set "path\name_of_sheet_set.dst" (of course, use the actual path and name of your desired sheet set.)
  • Optionally, switch to the General tab and change the name of the shortcut to better fit its purpose.

Note that the field in which the target string is located is almost always too short to see the entire string. You could copy the existing string into notepad and then do your editing there so you can see the entire thing - then paste it back into the Target field when you are done.

This tip should work for any Windows based, AutoCAD based application, such as Civil 3D, shown in the image above.

For more information, including other startup shortcut switches, see Customize Startup topic in the AutoCAD documentation.


Another approach is to make a short cut to your .DST (Sheetset) file on your desk top.

Double click on it to open AutoCAD, and the sheet set in one fell swoop!


Good one Paul!

I suspect both of these would work for LT also, since it now has SSM too.

Great Tip McSwain!! Never thought of a command switch for my Sheet Sets.

Great tip. Thanks, sure it is really useful.


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