Adding Color to your B/W drawings

If you produce construction documents, chances are the majority of your work is produced in black and white, for eventual printing and/or reproduction on a monochrome printer. If you use color dependent plot styles, then your default CTB file may be set up so that all of the ACI colors (1-255) plot black.

So what do you do when you need a one entity or one layer to show up in color for a special plot? You could create a separate CTB file where some colors are set up to plot in color. But there is a way to do it without even switching CTB files. Change the object(s) or layer color to a Truecolor.

Truecolors are not affected by the CTB file, so they will always plot in the same color as shown on the screen. Lineweight is determined by the lineweight assigned to the object/layer instead of the CTB also. Give it a try.


Sometimes I need to print the drawings, some of its shapes are drawn in truecolor, in black and white on a black and white plotter. Of course these shapes are printed in grayscale not black. This is very annoying. Surely I can make all shapes black except for blocks. But there is block in blocks in... etc. Very 'funny'.
No, I don't give.

You can use the ._BEDIT command to edit blocks whose entities need their color changed.

I have not tried it, but I suppose you could make these dynamic blocks with a duplicate set of geometry, one using Truecolor and the other using standard 1-255 colors.

I have to change each of >10 different blocks for once-only b/w printing? Waste of time.

The true waste of time comes from poor cad practices where people set colors and layers whithin blocks so that a block can not be printed or have its layers changed, because the layers are inbeded. Start with objects in a block being on layer 0 and you will not have all of the WORK later on. The tip is valid and useful. Learning the best way to use cad takes time and an open mind.

If the Blocks gemometry is on 'layer 0' - then it will take on the properties of the layer it resides on. You would only need to change the color of one layer to get what you want. You could use Viewport property overrides if you only need to do this on one sheet.

Could be very useful for markups.

Thanks for the tip.


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