AutoCAD for Mac won't go away

Let's revisit the How do you feel about AutoCAD for Mac poll once more. Steve Johnson (at the top of my list of most respected CAD bloggers BTW...) commented that he did not vote since there was "no option that accurately reflects my own feelings...because the options are all either positive or neutral". I initially replied to the comment, but now feel a better reply is needed.

Steve is exactly right. My poll module only allows me to ask a question and create choices, there is no provision for general discussion or an explanation. So when putting this poll together (in about 60 seconds I might add...), in my head the choices meant something like:

  • Excited: "Hey, I'm a MAC guy outside of the CAD world, this is just what I've been waiting on"
  • Intrigued: "I'm a PC guy, but I've used Macs before. I may want to check this out."
  • Curious: "Hmmm... I don't know much about Macs, but I know some people who do - maybe I'll check it out if someone gets it"
  • Could not care less: "I have no interest in Macs. I only care about the current and future versions for the PC"

At the time, the last choice was my negative option, but I can see how this could be considered neutral. At least one more choice could have been added, something along the lines of "I don't care about Macs, this was a bad decision and a waste of Autodesk resources."

Having said all of that, polls found here are just that; A poll on a website. I don't do an IP search for each vote cast, I don't require a login to vote, etc.

What do you think? (BTW: Could not care less has climbed to 44% as of now...)



When Autodesk announced AutoCAD for Mac I was totally 100% for it. You see a few years ago I got tired of waiting and put up the website and I have been promoting and teaching how you can get AutoCAD working on the mac using Parallels Desktop for Mac since. That feeling changed yesterday when the over lititgious Autodesk sent me a letter via one of their thousands of Attorneys telling me that I was no longer the master of my own domain, the controller of my own destiny, that Autodesk was "doing their responsibility and policing their trademark". LMAO

Editor's note: The remainder of this comment (several click-able hyperlinks), has been omitted.

Thank you for the kind words. At the risk of taking web polls too seriously, I'd just like to point out a general rule to consider when asking for opinions on any subject that has a range of possible positive and negative reactions.

To eliminate option bias, it is important to ensure that the number of options either side of neutral equal each other out. So if you have 3 increasingly positive options on one side of neutral, you should have 3 increasingly negative options on the other side. You can include a neutral option or you can leave it out (forcing people to fall on one side or the other), but the range either side should balance out.

It's easy to spot polls and surveys that aren't really interested in finding out what people think, because they fail the option balance test, or the neutral wording test, or both. Examples abound. However, I am absolutely not suggesting any ulterior motives in your case. It can be tricky knowing exactly where "neutral" lies, and it can be a matter of opinion.

Polls, surveys and graphs are one of the most overused misunderstood tools used by anyone today. The creator can write them to show what they want not the true value of an issue or value. even when there may be a neural in them. Take for example a customer support survey after you call in a tech issue. You are asked to rate the tech person you spoke with. One question might be did the tech solve your issue. What if the the issue was out of the techs control and you reply with a negative response because in reality they did not solve your issue. It makes the tech look like he/she is not doing his/her job to those following the survey. Just MHO on polls and stuff. :)


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