Mac Version coming to AutoCAD 2012

According to a well trusted source, there will be a Mac version of AutoCAD 2012.

Ok, I guess Wikipedia is not a well trusted source, but someone named Rzęsor added this bit of info to the AutoCAD wikipedia page on July 26 2010 - so either this is wishful thinking, or Rzęsor is telling the world something he/she shouldn't be.... or I suppose it could be a good guess that comes true... (Here is a screen capture if you prefer)

So what do you think? Do you want a Mac version? Do you care?

Disclaimer: No, I do not have any 'inside info' on AutoCAD 2012, this post is purely about the Wikipedia article.



interesting, if this is true... AutoCAD r12 was the last Mac version and AutoCAD 2012 will bring it back.

Wikipedia is not a source, per se, it's aim is to aggregate and organize. All claims on the site can be challenged and should be backed up by references to the web or offline media.

The real test for Wikipedia content is "Verifiability, not Truth"

I though my sarcasm was evident, but apparently not.

To clarify, this post was largely tongue-in-cheek. I'm aware of the nature of Wikipedia, hence the whole reason for this post. Thanks.

Someone tried convincing me that he went inside Autodesk and saw the AutoCAD for Mac been developed. Who really cares? When will we get a Revit version on the Mac platform? I just cant wait.


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