Autodesk Advantage Packs for 2010

Yes, I'm way late on this, but in case you have been in a cave for the last week or so, Autodesk released their latest Advantage Packs for AutoCAD 2010, and several verticals last week. These Advantage Packs are available for subscription members only.

I'm going to cover the tools included in the Advantage Pack for AutoCAD 2010 below. The "Subscription" tab for the ribbon for this Advantage Pack is shown above. Keep reading for more....

  • Isolate and Hide Objects - This allows you to isolate or hide objects on an object basis, Layers are not involved. If you want to hide a CIRCLE, SPLINE, and a MTEXT entity, you can now do it even if they are on separate layers. Object Isolation does just the opposite and hides all entities except those you select. Command Names: ._ISOLATEOBJECTS & ._HIDEOBJECTS
  • End Object Isolation - this command restores all objects hidden by the Isolate or Hide Objects command. Command Name: ._UNISOLATEOBJECTS
  • Add Selected - This command allows you to select an entity and then immediately create the same entity. In other words, if you run this command, then select a green circle on layer "HOLE", the layer is temporarily changed to "HOLE", the color is temporarily changed to green and the circle command is started. After you draw the circle, the current layer and color are restored.Command Name: ._ADDSELECTED
  • Select Similar - This command allows you to create a selection set based on the properties of the selected object. Using the example above, if you run this command and select a green circle, all the green circles in the drawing will be selected. This is quicker than using QSELECT. You can adjust the settings for this command also.

    Command Name: ._SELECTSIMILAR
  • Bring Annotations to Front - Use this command to bring all text and dimensions to the front using DrawOrder.Command Name: ._TEXTTOFRONT
  • Send Hatches to Back - Use this command to send all hatches to the back, using DrawOrder.Command Name: ._HATCHTOBACK

For even more details on these features including demonstration videos, check out recent posts in Heidi Hewett's blog.


After installing the advantage pack i did not have a subscription tab in my ribbon. I unloaded and reloaded the c3dsubscription.cuix file and now only have a 'drive' tab. What could be my problem be here?

Same problem here...
I think it is because I have the 2 bonus packs for version 2009 installed to.


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