Disabling Infocenter - AutoCAD 2010

Thanks to Tony Tanzillo for posting the information needed to disable the Infocenter. This was repeated by others such as Jimmy at JTBWorld, and Owen at Outside the Box. I even linked to it here also.

Anyway, we are rolling out some 2010 products and I thought it would be a good idea to perform this step as early as possible and per user (not per machine - since this is a per user setting now)... So why not put it in a windows startup script...? So I turned it loose on a set of test machines...

Oops, bad idea... If for some reason, this registry key gets created before AutoCAD creates the rest of the registry tree that it uses, then AutoCAD complains when first launched with the infamous message that says "Unable to load profile file. Some profile information saved in last session may not be restored."

So what I had to do for new users on a machine (new windows profiles) is launch AutoCAD at least once and let AutoCAD create the registry tree that it uses under HKCU, then you can apply this reg fix to kill the Infocenter.

I suspect converting the code to lisp and adding it to "acad.lsp" will work OK, since this won't run until AutoCAD has created its registry tree. I wish they had just left it in HKLM so it would only have to be done once.



This one appears a bit more nefarious to disable in Windows 7.
Anyone have any luck with it?
I found keys all over in the registry for it but setting them to 0 doesn't disable it.


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