Augi election results

Congratulations to the two winners of the recent augi BoD election, Dario Passariello, and Mark Kiker. Dario is a new board member and Mark is returning.

The results of this election are in the table below. The only numbers that matter are the total "Yes" votes. The two candidates with the highest totals were elected.


Unfortunately, only 1019 members (out of a claimed 170,000) bothered to vote, that is only about 0.6% - not a great turnout.

More info can be found here.





I still find it surprising that Kiker got so many YES votes with all that has been going on.....

How many people were participating in the forums where all of the antics were being discussed? Maybe 50 if that. I suspect a large percentage of those who voted have no idea about Solidvapor, the by-law violations, questionable answers to inquiries, etc. that is going on -- they just clicked on the vote page, saw a name they recognized and clicked away...

The fact that only a few people really care what is going on is a tremendous benefit to the BoD.

I must admit I didnt know what was going on in forums i dont visit at augi and that could've changed my vote. I read through the bios and voted based on what was there. It also seems that if just over 1000 members voted they need to do something to make it more known and supply the members with more information. Maybe a temp. forum to discuss the candidates and what users know about them. Of course it could be biased but so is everything.

it was there, but as you message proves, not easy to stumble across. If you are interested, the backlog of all this mess is still in the forums.  I have said before that I think the low number of votes is fairly consistent with the number of members who care, which in turn benefits the few who want to "stay in power"...




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