Autodesk Design Review 2010

Autodesk Design Review is an application for viewing, markup, and printing of DWF files. If you have DWG Trueview installed also, you can "open" DWG files with it. Actually, what it does is use Trueview to open the DWG and plot it to DWF using the last saved plot settings.
Best that I can tell, you have two options for getting this application

  • Download a tiny (271k) executable which is just a launcher for an online install. The destination computer must have internet access to install this version.
  • Download a massive (743MB) file that contains Design Review along with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of DWG Trueview

Links below.
Design Review 2010 install app (±271k)
Design Review 2010 + DWG TrueView 2010 (±743MB)



When will Autodesk get it through their heads that we want a single application that is capable of opening, displaying, and printing DWF and DWG files regardless of whether they were created in AutoCAD or Inventor?

Users need an application with a far more simplified UI than the current ones. Design Review isn't so bad, but True View is an absolute horror. It's slow to open, extremely bloated, and confusing to the normal user.

Autodesk doesn't seem to understand that the people using these viewers are NOT the people with AutoCAD or Inventor installed on their PCs. They're typically "Joe Shopguy" who can barely use a computer let alone understand CAD concepts like modelspace/layout tabs or plotting using window, extents, limits, etc.

Joe ShopGuy simply wants to quickly pull up a part drawing, view it, and easily print it on a given size piece of paper. He doesn't want to, and shouldn't have to, worry about scaling it to fit, what a page layout is, or what a pen table is...

Quickly and Easily are the operative words. Neither of which apply to True View.

I agree for the most part, I just don't think it's possible, or maybe Autodesk just doesn't know how. The DWG format itself is such as mess that it requires object enablers, etc. just to correctly view a DWG in AutoCAD many times...
I can understand now why they want people to share DWF instead of DWG, since DWF is just simple vectors... but old habits are hard to break. Joe User is going to continue to send Sally User a DWG.

What a terrible waste of time and utter piece of $#*&!

Warning! do not install Design Review 2010

Design Review 2010 is one of the most useful programs I have EVER used. It has revolutionized they way I mark up my company’s drawings. I do wish it would install on its own.


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